Let there be light

I was watching a video the other day. There were two things that stuck out to me and (for some reason or another) resonated with me.

Are you the type of person who tries to fix everything right then and there? Or are you the type of person who can come back to it later with no worries? I’m the type that likes to fix things right there and then. I’m usually always the person that makes the first move. I make an effort, even when the other person doesn’t. I’m pretty persistent once I have my mind set on something. I believe it all stems from my need for certainty (and believing I can one-handedly fix everything and make it better, with or without the other person’s effort). However, I am trying to change this, because it usually leaves me unhappy. The one line that stuck out to me in regards to this was, “Be still.” What a concept, right? Haha.

I actually wrote that one down (and the other one) as a reminder to myself. Sometimes the best thing to do is to let go and see where the pieces fall, all on their own, without you nudging them one way or another. I’ve found I actually like this concept when I’ve practiced it. It’s freeing. It leaves room for uncertainty, which I’ve found I am actually quite fond of. It allows others to step up the plate and it releases me from stress and worry. It’s been a win-win. If you’re like me, give this one a try next time you’re rushing in to fix whatever’s broken.

The second line that resonated me was, “Let there be light.” I’m usually at one end of the spectrum or the other when I face certain situations. I’m an all in or all out kind of gal. This is yet another thing I’m trying to change. Life is all about balance, right? Well, I am either facing things on head-on, persistent as can be, until I get the desired result OR I am completely ignoring and evading and acting like I don’t care (even though I probably really do). It makes me quite upset when I am evading and ignoring and being quite frankly, mean, because I feel like I’m not being myself. I like that quote, because it reminds me that although the situation might not be how I’d like it to be, although I might be really upset at someone, I can still be a source of light.

I actually think both lines blend in quite nicely. While I am letting go and being still and relinquishing control over the situation, I can also still be a light in this world. I don’t have to shut down. No matter how upset I am at someone, I don’t have to react to them any differently. People don’t need punishment. People need love, patience, and kindness.


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