Negative thoughts.

I want you to try this exercise with me. Feel free to close your eyes after each bullet point or keep them open, whatever you’re more comfortable with. Ready? Here goes.

  • Imagine a BIG waterfall. Hear the sound of the water. Hold on to the image for a little bit…. Now, let it go.
  • Imagine a beautiful sunset. For some reason, you might not be feeling your best. But, this sunset is making you feel a little better… Let it go.
  • Now, imagine a blue square… Let it go.

In the same way that you’re creating these images and bringing these thoughts into your mind, in the same fashion that you’re letting them go– you could apply this with all the thoughts you allow to take space in your mind. You can let them enter, hear them, and let them go, just as easily. Observe and let it go. Can you imagine how freeing that is? To not be a slave to your mind. To be in charge of your own thoughts. To be able to choose the thoughts you’d like to keep and to allow the negative ones to go.

I’ve recently starting doing this little exercise on my own. It’s helped me. I hope it helps you too.




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